J.K. Rowling facts

Name: Joanne Rowling
Birthday : 31 July 1965
Pen names: J. K. Rowling & Robert Galbraith
Nationality: British
Charity org: Lumos

20 little known facts about JK Rowling

Writer Joanne Rowling is better known as JK Rowling for her fans, and it is safe to say, that she is one of the most popular authors of the last decade. The fantasy book saga about the little wizard Harry Potter helped Rowling to earn hundreds of millions of dollars, which she spends in various charity organizations. Eight screen adaptations of her books were equally successful and loved by many – both children and adults. And indeed, it is hard to find a person who doesn’t know Harry Potter. However, how much we are aware of the author herself? Below, we are going to share just a few little-known facts about this successful author.
  Harry Potter fans are well aware that from the King Cross train station you can get to the Hogwarts magic school. However, this location was mentioned in the saga not by an accident. It is at this stop where JK Rowling's parents first met. They, at that time, were both 18.
  The first Harry Potter book was published two decades ago. But now it is hard to believe, that the first book publisher suggested to not to reveal the fact, that Rowling is a woman. They believed that the magical story about wizards will not be interesting if readers know that a woman wrote it!
   Talking about bad publishers – the very first manuscript of Harry Potter was rejected by 12 different publishers, who believed that such book will never succeed. However, the 13th publisher believed in the book and now he is pretty rich! This should be a great lesson for all of us too - you should never stop believing in what you do, and
  The idea to write a book about the little wizard came up to JK Rowling while she was riding a train to London.
  The first book, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone”, was finished while JK Rowling was living and working in Portugal. The author moved to this country after her unsuccessful first marriage and her mother's death. In Portugal JK Rowling hoped to break away from everyday life and teach children English.
  Rowling invented the names of Hogwarts school buildings on a flight. As she did not have a piece of paper to write down her ideas, she used a sickness bag (barf bag) to write down her ideas!
  Right now, for us, it is usual to see Hermione Granger from Harry Potter books embodied by Emma Watson. However, during the casting, JK Rowling thought that this actress is too beautiful to be Hermione and that she won’t be able to meet the vision of the character. Good thing that casting directors choose Watson anyway!
  Have you ever wondered what the letter “K” stands for in JK Rowling’s name? Well, in fact, the writer doesn’t have a middle name. She took her beloved grandmother’s name Kathleen as a gesture of love.
  Though JK Rowling is mostly associated with Harry Potter, she has published other books too. One of them is called the "The Casual Vacancy,” which was met with skepticism by some critics. However, this author did not stop there – she is still writing, in some cases using a pen name (Robert Galbraith). You can find a lot of her books on Amazon (which you can buy cheaper with some of these Amazon discount codes too)
   The writer once said that a lot of Hermione’s character is based on her 11-year-old self. Rowling was a voracious reader from an early age - just like Hermione!
  Rowling loved to write books way before she got famous. Or way before she could properly do it. In fact, she finished her first book at the age of six and titled it “Rabbit”.
  Throughout the entire saga about Harry Potter, only one character is named after a real person. Such great honor belongs to a young Canadian girl named Natalie McDonald. Natalie died after suffering from leukemia. Rowling wrote Natalie an email, but it reached the family a day after she died.
  Quidditch, due to the popularity of the books and the movie, has become a real game with real teams. Moreover, it even has its own world cup tournament, so if you are a pretty good player of this sport, and would like to test your skills – look for local teams and start training!
  Hagrid is surely one of the most lovable characters of the saga. In the movies, he was portrayed by Robbie Coltrane. Coltrane says that Hagrid’s character was modeled after one so-called Hells Angels biker, Rowling once met.
   Rowling once shared the secret, that if she ever got into Hogwarts, she would like to live in a Gryffindor house, because she “value courage beyond almost anything.”
   It took Rowling 17 years to finish Harry Potter series!
  Rowling is estimated to be Britain's 13th richest woman, and that makes her wealthier than the Queen Elizabeth II
  If you are a huge fan of both Rowling’s works and the rock band called The Smiths – we have some good news for you! The writer once shared, that this rock group is her most favorite one.
  Rowling is also a big fan of the British comedy group called "Monty Python". The writer claims that she even put some of their humor into her writings.
  Rowling has a Twitter account, which is followed by more than 5 million people from all around the world. She also loves to communicate through it and actually likes to discuss various topics with her followers as well.

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